Barber Tools Names: Barbering Equipment with uses and Pictures

A barber’s tools and equipment are the essential parts of a barbershop. These tools are used for cutting hair, beards, body grooming, and other styling related to grooming men. A barber’s tools include items like scissors, clippers, combs, brushes, razors, etc.

If you want to start your own barbering business, you must have the right tools and equipment to ensure your work goes smoothly. Here are some of the must-have things that will help you start your professional salon shop.

Barber tools and equipment list

  • Afro pick
  • After-shaving lotion
  • Airbrush
  • Barber apron
  • Barber Comb
  • Clipper Comb
  • Beard shaper
  • Blade
  • Conditioner
  • Curlers
  • Curling iron
  • Diadem
  • Dying bowl
  • Dying brush
  • Barber neck strip 
  • Flat iron
  • Hair clip
  • Haircut gown
  • Hair dye/color
  • Hair gel
  • Hair roller
  • Hair slide
  • Hair trimmer
  • Hairdressing basin
  • Hairdryer
  • Hairpin
  • Hand mirror
  • Mirror
  • Neck duster
  • Oil bottle
  • Rake Comb
  • Razor
  • Flatback brush
  • Quill brush
  • Hair roller brush
  • Vent brush
  • Wave clip
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving brush
  • Shaving foam
  • Shears
  • Thinning shears
  • Towel
  • Water spray bottle

Barber tools names with pictures

Let’s take a look at the best barbering tools with pictures and descriptions of each.

Barbering tools and their uses

The barbering tools or accessories that barbers use in their profession are essential for the barbering industry. Therefore, we have also highlighted the uses of these tools.

Hair trimmer

A hair trimmer is a device that cuts, shapes, and combs the hair. The word “trimmer” comes from”its ability to trim or cut both ends of the hair.


Shears are tools that can be used to cut, trim, or shear the hair.

Barber Comb

A barber comb is a type of comb that is used to part, tidy up, and style customers’ hair.

Rake comb

Rake comb is a type of tool used to remove small clumps of hair. The tool has a handle and a thin metal blade that fits into the palm.


A razor is a device with a handle used to cut the hair of the face or body with the help of a sharp blade.

Afro pick

The afro pick is used to eliminate tangles and knots by removing any buildup at the scalp level, so you don’t have to use harsh chemicals. In addition, using an afro pick will reduce breakage and frizziness of the hair because it removes excess moisture from the strands.

After-shaving lotion

The after-shaving lotion is a type of moisturizer that is applied after shaving. It is meant to help protect the skin from razor burns and irritation, minimize bleeding, and provide an overall moisturizing effect.


Airbrush is a tool for applying makeup with a small paintbrush that creates a light, even coating of powder or liquid foundation.

Barber apron

A barber apron is a piece of cloth or leather worn by barbers and hairdressers to protect their clothing when working with lather, shampoo, and other liquids.

Beard shaper

A beard shaper is a device that can be used to shape your beard into different styles. This includes the latest designs like the cheek beard, full beard, or goatee.

It can also help with trimming your sideburns and shaping them to suit the desired style of your beard. 

Haircut gown

A barber cape is a long piece of cloth that hangs down to the knees and fastens at the neck to protect their clothing while cutting hair.


A conditioner is a product that is used to maintain the health of hair. It has a variety of ingredients such as proteins, silicones, and natural oils.

They make your hair feel softer and more manageable. 

They reduce frizz and flyaways by making your hair smoother and more accessible to style.


Curlers are hair styling tools that help with creating curls and waves in the hair.

Curling iron

A curling iron is a hair styling tool that uses heat to curl the hair.

The principle of curling with a curling iron is similar to using a flat iron or straightening comb: The heated rod passes through the hair at right angles, creating volume and curls in both length and width.

Dying bowl

A dying bowl is a bowl used for mixing color with water for dying hair in the salon.

Dying brush

The dying brush is used to apply dye from your mixing bowl to your natural hair and spread the paint evenly on the hair.

Barber neck strip

A Barber neck strip is a thin adhesive tape used to reduce or remove hair from the scalp.

Flat iron

A flat iron is a tool used in hairstyling to straighten and curl hair.

Hair clip

A hair clip is salon equipment with an elastic band attached to one end, designed to hold the hair in place. They keep your hair out of your face when you’re working or sleeping.

Hair roller

A hair roller is a brush that uses an oval or circular shape to smooth the hair, gently giving it a tousled look. It can also be used as a styling tool to create waves, curls, and other hairstyles.

Hair gel

Hair gel is a hair styling product that holds the hair in place and gives it texture. These are creamy and applied with a comb to create natural-looking waves, curls, coils, etc.

Hair slide

A hair slide is a unique hair accessory that helps to reduce the number of tangles in your hair and helps hold the hair in position.

Hairdressing basin

A hairdressing basin is a bowl-shaped vessel with a rounded bottom, often made of metal. The basin is used for washing and cleaning hair.


A hairdryer is a tool that can be used to dry your hair. It consists of a motor and fan, and it works by blowing hot air at the wet hair to create a vortex, which dries the hair quickly.


A hairpin is a long, thin metal or plastic strip with a rounded point at one end and an oval shape at the other. It is used to hold hair together.

Hair roller brush

A hair roller brush is a hair styling tool used to roll or smooth the hair without damaging it.

They are mostly made from plastic and can be used with wet or dry hair. Some of them have a comb in the handle, while others don’t.

Hair rollers also help give your curls definition and hold them in place, as well as create waves and curls that last for days.

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